Sunday, September 26, 2010

Errors you should avoid in Task 2

1. SMS language
SMS language is completely acceptable only in the SMS world. In the IELTS exam, words such a "c" instead of "see", "b4" instead of "before" are totally unacceptable. All words must be written completely and correctly, taking care of the spelling as well as the tense.

2. Contractions
"should'nt" "can't" "don't" etc. are never used in Task 2. They should always be written as "should not" "cannot" "do not" etc. respectively.

3. Slang language
"gonna" "wanna" may sound cool in a conversation, but they are disastrous in an essay. Always write words which can be found in the dictionary! hence, these words should always be written as "going to" "want to" respectively.

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