Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi there,
Welcome to my IELTS Writing Blog.

My name is Abijah Gupta.
I scored an overall 8.5 band score in my IELTS exam. (Academic module)

With the help of this blog, I hope to help all those who face troubles in the writing module.

I'll be taking up latest important topics and would be telling how to attempt the question, what keypoints can be included in the main body and most importantly, how to write it's introduction!
I'll also be posting solutions to various types of graphs from Task 1.

The IELTS exam comprises of 4 modules:
Writing and

All modules are worth 9 bands each.

The Writing module specifically is further divided in 3 bands and 6 bands for Task 1 and Task 2 respectively.
For the academic students, Task 1 is a graph and Task 2 is an essay. For the General Training students however, Task 1 is a letter while Task 2 is an essay.

You would be getting 60 minutes for the writing module. In these 60 minutes, the ideal time to attempt Task 1 is around 18 minutes and for Task 2 it is 35 minutes (a total of 53 minutes). The remaining 7 minutes should be used for proofreading and corrections.

Feel free to post all your queries here.

God bless,
-Abijah Gupta


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  2. I really appreciate your ideas of helping people with their IELTS Writing. Your site is well organised and has all the necessary information that IELTS learners need.

    Thanks a lot!