Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing Format (Task 1) Academic

Task 1 comprises of a graph. (For Task 2, click here)
You should spend around 20 minutes on this task. It is worth 9 bands out of the total 18/2 bands in writing. (Click here for extra info on the new marking scheme)
The general word limit is 150-180 words.

In the basic format we can write minimum 4 and maximum 5 paragraphs.

The first paragraph is the Introduction to the question.
The second and third paragraphs are where we make the relevant comparisons.
The fourth or final paragraph is an overview of the complete graph, a.k.a the conclusion.

There are 8 types of graphs:
1. Vertical bar graph

2. Horizontal bar graph

3. Line graph

4. Pie chart

5. Flowchart

6. Pictorial chart

7. Table chart

8. Blend chart

The basic principle of writing all these graphs remains the same, just the wording changes depending upon the type and the tense of the graph.

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