Saturday, November 5, 2011

Q31. Task 2 - Essay topic (solved)

Only formal examinations, written or practical, can give a clear picture of a student's knowledge and ability at university level. Continuous assessment such as course work and projects are poor measures of checking a student's ability.
How far do you agree with the latter statement?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this question, it talks about formal examinations as a means of checking a student's knowledge and ability. The latter statement says that continuous assessment such as assignments, quizzes, mock tests etc. are poor measures of checking a student's ability.
Notice the question at the end- "How far do you agree with the LATTER statement?"
Since, the question is asking about the latter part of the question, we will start with 'continuous assessment' first and then talk about formal examinations.

Sample Introduction (first paragraph):
As the saying goes, "Education is the backbone of a successful career." At university level, a student gets to know about his strength and weaknesses through assessment. But, whether formal examinations give a clear picture of their knowledge or does continuous assessment benefit more is still a debatable topic.

Points for the second paragraph:
- Continuous assessment keeps students on their toes and they keep studying throughout the year.
- Practicals and projects such as assignments are a fun and creative way to learn. It also helps a student to perform all the theory, practically.
- However, projects and assignments may be copied from the Internet or such sources, hence the student will not really benefit from it.

Points for the third paragraph:
- Formal examinations check all that a student has learnt throughout the academic year.
- Generally, formal examinations at university level are held under strict invigilation thus ensuring that a student's true knowledge is checked and not the 'knowledge' copied from somewhere else.
- However, formal examinations may be affected if a student is not well during the exams period or is facing some other problem.
- If a student does not perform well in the formal examination, his overall grades may be affected.

Hence, to conclude, I feel both formal examinations and continuous assessment can be beneficial for a student if both are implemented together. Formal examinations can show a clear picture of the knowledge and the continuous assessment can enable students to learn practically.

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