Saturday, November 5, 2011

Q30. Task 2 - Essay topic (solved)

These days an increasing number of developing countries are improving their tourism industries. However tourists are often frowned upon by the local people.

Why do you think this is the case? Is the increase in tourism a positive or a negative development?

In this era of modernization, tourism industry has flourished by leaps and bounds, specially in the developing countries. There are many reasons ranging from broad mindedness to increased revenues. But whether it is a positive or a negative development is still a debatable topic.

Points for the first paragraph:
- People are becoming broad minded and hence want to explore new cultures and traditions.
- Tourism also proves to be an educational experience
- Developing countries want to match the level of developed countries so they are promoting tourism.

Points for the second paragraph:
- More tourists visiting would mean more revenue generated.
- People show brotherhood this way by welcoming different people from different regions.
- Developing countries get publicity and are able to improve their standards too.

Points for the third paragraph:
- Not all tourists are well mannered. Some of their actions may offend a particular group.
- Sometimes, tourists do not show regard or respect towards the local tradition which may not be very well received by the locals.
- Many tourists deface the local beauty by scribing their names or initials on the walls and hence damage public property and national heritage.

Hence, I feel that tourism is both a boon and a bane for both the tourists and the locals. The tourists should respect the traditions and culture of the country they visit and the local people should broaden their thinking.


  1. Can I write:
    Individuals show brotherhood this way by welcoming different people from different regions

    (People show brotherhood this way by welcoming different people from different regions)


  2. Can I replace 'standards' with 'norms' ?


  3. @SAN

    Individuals show brotherhood would be correct :D

    Standards particularly refers to the quality of life, their own benchmarks.
    'Norms' on the other hand particularly refers to a set of rules by which the society is governed.

    Hence, in this case, we can't replace it.

    All the best

  4. Dear Abija,

    Thanks again for a wonderful display of resources. Amazing!

    Reading the above essay I would have preferred the definite article for 'tourism industry' since it is one main industry so 'the tourism industry' I believe might sound better. Also, I think removing the article in the third paragraph before 'walls' would have a greater impact on the reader. Hence, 'scribing...initials on walls'

    Let me know what you think!
    By the way, I LOVE the way you concluded with 'a boon and a bane'! Really nice!

    Thanks for allowing me to participate,

    Best regards and warm wishes,

    Mr. Shaw

    [Mr. Shaw recommends Abijah Gupta's IELTS blogspot]

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  7. Even though developing countries are improving their tourism industries and are spending a lot of capital on it. The locals are treating them as an expense rather than a revenue. Various Essay on Tourism also focus on these aspects of the industry. Because even though it is revenue generating industry, the locals would always consider it as a negative development.