Monday, January 31, 2011

Q6. Task 1 - Graph (Solved) (Pie chart)

The three pie charts illustrate the world spending, world population and the consumption of resources. The data is calibrated in percentage.

At the first glance, it is observed that people spend most of their income on other items at 40% followed by Food at 24%. Transport and housing are the next major expenses at 18% and 12% respectively. Only 6% of income is spent on clothing.

Moving further, it is evident that 57% of the world population lives in Asia. Europe and the Americans account for nearly 30% of the total, whilst 10% of people live in Africa.

Stating further, USA and Europe consume a huge 60% of the world’s resources while the Others consume merely 40%.

Overall, the major expenditure is on food with Asia having the highest population. USA and Europe have the lion's share of the resources.


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