Sunday, May 8, 2011

Q25. Task 1 - Graph (Solved) (Pictorial)

The map shows the development and increase in population of Chorleywood, a village near London in between 1868 and 1994.

Chorleywood park and golf coast lies in the centre of layout. To the south of this is the Chorleywood station. To the south of the Chorleywood Park, the darkly shaded area was developed in between 1922 and 1970. The horizontally shaded area around the station was developed in between 1883 and 1922. The area north of Chorleywood station and the west of Chorleywood park and the golf course developed in between 1868 and 1883.

The north, south and east of the Chorleywood Park, which is the diagonally shaded area, developed in between 1970 and 1994. On the west and north of Chorleywood Park and golf course, the dark line represents the main roads which run from north to south and west to east. On the east of Chorleywood Park and the golf course runs the motor way, which was built in 1970. The railway line south of Chorleywood Park and the golf course was built in 1909.

Moreover, it can be seen that there has been development around Chorleywood station and along the motorway which runs from south to north.

Hence, it is observed that there has been a considerable development in the village Chorleywood during the period of 1970 to 1994.

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