Friday, October 28, 2011

Q29. Task 1 - Graph (Solved) (Vertical bar)

The vertical bar chart portrays the number of hours of leisure enjoyed by men and women in a typical week in 1998-99, according to gender and employment status. The data is calibrated in hours.

From an overall perspective, it is apparent that among those employed full-time, men on average had 50 hours of leisure, whereas women had approximately 37 hours. There were no figures given for male part-time workers, but female part-timers had 40 hours of leisure time, only slightly more than women in full-time employment, perhaps reflecting their work in the home.

Stating further, in the unemployed and retired categories, leisure time showed an increase for both sexes, as might have been expected. Here too, men enjoyed more leisure time over 80 hours, compared to 70 hours for women. Lastly, housewives enjoyed approximately 54 hours of leisure, on average. There were no figures given for househusbands.

Overall, men enjoyed more leisure time as compared to women.

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