Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reading a graph question

Firstly, we see the heading. It says "Inflow of workers in Australia 1992-2001". Notice the years! It's 1992-2001. This means the whole graph shall be written in the past tense.

Secondly, at the extreme left hand side, we read "Millions". This is what tells us the value/unit in which the figures are calculated.

Thirdly, at the extreme right hand side, we read two categories, "Permanent Settlers" and "Temporary Workers".

Finally, look at the years. Notice there is a constant gap of 1 year from 1992 to 2001. There are a total of 10 years given. We may either split the graph in 5-5 years or we may split the graph based on the two types of workers. We shall be discussing that aspect in detail soon.

One basic thing to remember is: It is very important that you avoid silly and careless mistakes in the writing module! Every mark counts!


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