Monday, January 31, 2011

Q10. Task 1 - Graph (Solved) (Flow chart)

The flowchart illustrates the process of production of plastic paper clips in red, blue and yellow colors.

There are four main stages in the production of plastic paper clips from this small factory. Two of these stages involve actual preparation of the clips, while the other two consist of quality control before the clips are sent out from the factory to the retailers to be sold to the public.

To begin with, molten plastic is poured into three different moulds depending on the color required; the colors are red, blue and yellow. Once these clips emerge from the moulds a quality control machine checks them for strength. Unsatisfactory clips are rejected.

In the third stage in the process the clips are sorted by hand into two groups, mixed and single colors. When this stage is complete the groups are checked a second time to ensure that the color mixtures are divided correctly into single colors and mixed color batches.

Finally, the clips are packed and dispatched to the markets.


  1. Your writing is great, smooth and academic. I'm learning how to desribe flow charts and encounter some problems. If you have any spare time, can you share me some tips to improve my skills in such types of IELTS writing.

  2. good interpretation